Kent Ganevsky Bio


I was one of the first three USA Autodesk multimedia dealers over 20 years ago and I ran my own company for 17 years. I sold 3D animation software and hardware, digital editing systems, and provided website design. My customers included Walt Disney, Sony pictures, Blur, etc.

I have been a math teacher for 10 years now. I have taught in the Hart district, and in the Glendale School District for the past 6 years. I am now teaching a 3D Animation- modeling and video design and programming class at Roosevelt Middle School in Glendale. I am also and also at Learning Beyond the Book in Santa Clarita on Thursday night from 4:15 to 5:45pm.

We use our math, visualization, design, and engineerin skills to create 3D animations, 3D models that we now can print, and soon Video Games. My goal is to get students to challenge themselves, to strive to improve, and to start on a path for a successful career in the many opportunities in the 3D and Video Game world

I have a BA in Business Management from the University of Idaho, and a MBA from USC in finance and statistics. I now have a CTE credential to teach Digital Arts (3D Animation - Modeling - Game Design- etc), and I am on three exclusive councils for Autodesk.

I believe that hard work and constant improvement leads to success in any endeavor. I run my own website and all of tutorials, practice projects, and our computer graphics projects are on it. My goal is to try to bring the 3D world to all the schools across the world.

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