Online video lessons

Learn Auotodesk Maya - Unity3D - on My Youtube Video Channel

My online video lessons will take your from a beginner to expert on Autodesk Maya, and Unity3D, and computer programming.

I not only am teaching live classes at Roosevelt Middle School and Sierra Hills, but I alao provide instruction with online video lessons for of my students to work through on their own. And as they go on to other schools or colleges they can continue to use this website to learn and practice. Computer science is one of the hottest feels in the world and it offers high-paying jobs, And there is a demand for many more designers and programmers then there are qualified students right now

Video Is the only way to teach 3D animation, Video Game Design and programming. There are way too many commands to use a book. and my instructional videos allow the students to follow each command click by click

Get started now and start learning to be a 3D animator with Autodesk mMaya and Video Game Designer and Programmer with Unity 3D on myYoutube Channel

Online Video Lessons