This is my second full year teaching 3D animation – 3D modeling – Video Game design at Roosevelt Middle school in Glendale California. I have a class that includes mostly seventh graders and for eighth-grade students






We have 40 laptops that we have put 4GB of RAM in, and we have Autodesk Maya( used in the movie Avatar and the Hobbit), Autodesk Mudbox, Autodesk inventor, and Unity 3D installed on all of them. The software is free to all students, and we encourage them them to also install it at home so they can also work on the own. Any student can use the laptops during our 3D animation club meetings at lunch


I have put all of my my lessons online on my own YouTube channel so that students can work on them at their own speed during class by using headphones, and also whenever they want at home or any other facility.



Once they have completed my lesson which also includes them having to do a project to ensure they have learned that you were three features I am teaching they then are allowed to create projects on their own using the features they were just taught. Most often They didn't end up trying many new eatures on their own. The results have been fantastic.


This really allows them to develop their artistic and creative abilities, to practice working in groups to complete projects, and working to develop the problem-solving skills they will need to be successful. These are all part of the new common core standards. We will be working in teams for competitions both in our class and outside the school




This year we will be creating 3D models and bringing them into the Unity3D Video game program, so that we can learn how to design and build video games, and also learn C# programming. We will also be using Autodesk Inventor to design 3D models we can print on our Makerbot 3D printer



My classes are to prepare my students for the incredible high paying jobs and career opportunities in 3D animation- Modeling, video game design, and computer programming. They are starting to develop their skills at early age in Middle School, so that they can perfect them in high school and college, and then apply them to a exciting career when they graduate.



I invite you to come to Roosevelt Middle School in Glendale and join us in our classes. And if you'd like please call the office to arrange a tour of our facilities. I know you will be impressed with our school, the classes we offer, and the technology we are using in our classrooms!